install a countertop

Apply SimpleMat to your counter, then tile - it's that easy. 

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SimpleMat layout for countertops
SimpleMat layout image 2

For efficiency lay SimpleMat horizontally on counter.

Overlap SimpleMat edges 1/8" to 1/4" (3-6mm). Overlapping is shaded in gray in illustration.

applying SimpleMat to countertop

Peel off white paper.

Apply SimpleMat to counter.

Flatten air bubbles and creases.


Cover all surfaces to be tiled.

Cut SimpleMat as needed.

Cut corner from end of the mat to facilitate folding of corner.

Tips before setting your countertop

BULL NOSE TILE: Regular shaped tile with a rounded edge used for counter edge and other transitions.

First apply tile to front of counter.

Ensure that counter tile overlaps and use spacers for a uniform grout joint.

V-CAP TILE: L-shaped tile specifically used to cover the front edge of a countertop.

Because v-cap may not fit squarely on countertop, use SimpleGrout Pre-Mixed Grout or SimpleFix Ceramic Tile & Fixture Caulk to fill voids between v-cap and countertop.

Do not apply excessive filler material as it will interfere with bond.

tile layout for countertops
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Begin layout by positioning the front edge tiles bull nose of v-cap along front of the countertop.

Do a dry run by placing as many full tiles on the countertop with spacers as necessary. If countertop abuts a wall, lay cut tiles against walls.

For straight countertops, mark centerline of countertop or sink, then lay tiles so cut pieces beside sink are the same width. Avoid less than half-width cut tiles by shifting the layout 1/2 tile left or right.


For L-shaped countertops, lay full tiles at inside corner. Set bull nose or v-cap pieces in place to ensure correct amount of overhanging pieces.

For value size roll installation instructions, see manual below: